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Fibrecount Belgium & France

For this project, it was key to align with the main stakeholders (lab users and Quality management). Plus, identify and understand the basic needs to support the work processes and translate those towards the developers. Developing a thorough understanding of the lab workflow next to excellent relationships with all parties were indispensable to the success of this implementation.

Wit-Gele Kruis

For our public partner, Het Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen, to keep a competitive edge within the homecare market in Belgium, they had to digitalize their way of working. All files needed to be accessible on a tablet application called EVD (=Elektronish Verpleeg Dossier). After the full project failed on the level of the Wit-Gele Kruis Federation, Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen decided to handle the EVD project on their own level. This is where Melius stepped in and was asked to perform the program management for this entire project.


Melius was hired to manage the entire Project using the Prince2 methodology combined with the OUM Cloud Methodology based on Oracle’s best practices. Among the PM deliverables were Project the Initiation Document (PID), a detailed Project Plan of both (FCCS & EBPCS) phases, day-to-day Project Management of the project team, identifying issues/risks, defining change requests, etc. In addition, overall Project Management contains managing the detailed scope, planning, budget, roles and responsibilities, quality standards, procedures, etc. to ensure project success in general.

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Melius provides experienced, vendor independent, and cross-sector project/program/change management resources to manage all aspects of an implementation and process assistance to help your firm successfully make the required change.

We work closely with individuals of all divisions and departments, coordinating an efficient and accurate flow of information among all project holders. Depending on the industry and company structure, we may either focus on a single project or handle multiple projects and their respective timelines and responsibilities. We have broad experience in various sectors and we act vendor independent.


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