Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.

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(Agile) Project Management

Project Management enables strategic alignment and next-level leadership providing a clear focus. Because of quality control and risk management, realistic project planning and continuous oversight become evident. Great Project Management induces managing and learning from success and failure.

To support you in this journey, we offer skilled Project Managers certified in both agile and traditional waterfall methodologies. Their focus lies on the tasks, deadlines, and tactical execution which is required to achieve a successful output.

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Program Management

We help you plan, coordinate, prioritize and manage strategic business objectives using different programs, portfolios, and product backlogs. We also help you decide which products should be delivered first to achieve increased business benefits.

Our Program Managers coordinate, direct, and oversee the implementation of the projects and activities, to deliver outcomes related to your strategic objectives.

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Change Management

By running a Change Management program in parallel with the ERP, HR, and ORC, we help companies to minimize the challenges they face during a transformation program. We counter the resistance that arises when implementing new software, we curb performance declines that occur due to a lack of understanding, and we support milestone-coordination.

A solid and pragmatic Change Management approach is a key enabler in making sure the solution is accepted within the organization and in enhancing the actual business operations.

With this strategy, we aim to:

  • Achieve the required buy-in of the stakeholders to successfully manage the different phases of the project and the operation after Go-Live.
  • Support the department key users to become the “Change Agents” in the business.
  • Enable all the employees to work with new technologies and to generate new skills.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management ensures your organization can leverage its Project/Program selection and execution success. It's the centralized management of one or more Portfolio's to achieve your strategic objectives.

Melius will guide you to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. The goal is to balance the implementation of (change) initiatives and business-as-usual, while optimizing your ROI.

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